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A short documentary on a large-scale installation art in Chaotian Palace, Nanjing, China.

In autumn 2016, the City of Nanjing is hosting World Historical & Cultural Cities Expo. Chinese American artist JUJU WANG is invited by the Nanjing government to create a large scale installation art for the Expo venue— Chaotian Palace, a Ming dynasty architectural compound with over 300 years of history.

JUJU has named her work “Palasee”, which expresses the idea that she hope her installation can help the viewers to better appreciate, or to better see, the beauties of Chaotian Palace. She thinks that many beauties are buried in the ignorance due to the set impression.

Kinophile Film Production is commissioned by the Chinese cultural NGO, XIHAN ACTION, to produce this short documentary to tell the story of JUJU’s creation of Palasee. We travelled between Nanjing and Shanghai for two weeks and produced this documentary.

password: “kinophile”

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