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Kinophile Film Production


The name “Kinophile” is derived from the Greek root kino-(“motion”) and -phile (“love”)

Kinophile Production is a Toronto-based film production studio in Canada (The country of True North, as you can tell from this production photo from our very first project). We were established in 2015, and has produced documentaries, promotional videos, creative crowdfunding campaigns of various scales.

We primarily produce commissioned videos in the above categories, and we always love watching, making, reading, writing documentary things on the side. Our core team is consist of a group of documentary filmmakers, researchers and designers who were educated in Canada, France and China.


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Any inquiry is welcomed. If you got a story to tell through documentary, if your product / company needs a creative commercial, or if you simply want to reach out and talk to us, please write down your message below and we will get back as soon as we can.